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Clear, Precise, Actionable Data to Power Your Business

Real-world risk dynamics are evolving at a rapid pace. 
Our vehicle data solutions are designed to power the insights and analytics you need to stay ahead of the curve.

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A Challenge and an Opportunity for Risk Analytics Modeling

  • The complexity and price of new vehicles have exploded over the last decade
  • New vehicle technologies show clear potential for reducing the likelihood of an accident.
    • However, they also greatly increase the expenses associated with even “minor accidents." 

Identifying the Relationship Between Technology and Risk

OEMs identify complex vehicle equipment with obtuse "marketing" terminology. As a result, insurers and their partners are left to navigate an increasingly complex set of data inputs that are lacking key information, while also providing an overwhelming number of variables and ancillary details that must be evaluated and sifted through to generate meaningful insights.

  • The need for clear, precise, actionable vehicle data is greater than ever.
  • The right data solution will help you identify the effects of this evolution on the risks associated with insuring these vehicles.

For over two decades, DataOne has delivered vehicle data solutions that provide insurers with the detail and clarity required to power more accurate modeling.

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"DataOne has been a trusted, reliable data partner for The Zebra. Our platform relies on their timely & accurate vehicle information to power various parts of our insurance comparison platform."

- Joshua Dziabiak, Co-Founder of The Zebra